Pregnancy Options

PASS pregnancy care centers are here to support you while you make decisions regarding your pregnancy.  We are here to listen and offer help whether you choose abortion, adoption or parenting. We provide you with pregnancy testing and many other services.

As you consider your options, it’s always best to gather as much information as you can before making your final decision.

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– Whether you’re considering terminating a pregnancy or have already done so, abortion is a serious matter that can have a lifelong impact on you and even those who are important to you.
– At PASS we won’t judge you for your decision, but we do believe you deserve to have everything you need to make an informed decision; a decision that you won’t ever look back on and regret.
– PASS offers and information about all pregnancy options; however, we do not provide or refer for abortion services.

“I really thank you for all your help and support. Even though I chose abortion, I never felt judged.”
~ client who chose to terminate her pregnancy


This option may be challenging, mentally, emotionally and financially. PASS pregnancy care centers can give you information about choosing to parent your child, and the support we offer throughout your pregnancy until your child is two years of age.

“I am thankful to have an advocate at PASS. I felt supported and encouraged throughout my pregnancy.”
~ client who chose to carry her pregnancy to term

“”We didn’t know how important the Abundant Life Classes were… my boyfriend and I learned about parenting and our relationship, we never really knew what to expect with the birth of our baby and PASS was there to guide us.”

~ both the father and mother became clients and  chose to carry their pregnancy to term


Adoption is sometimes seen as the most challenging option; yet, it has been described by some women as the most rewarding decision. We can help you research adoption, if you would like more information.

“I was thankful to have someone to listen to me as I thought about my options.”
~ patient who was undecided regarding pregnancy, but interested in adopt

“I am living proof that adoption is a viable option. In  1994 my birth mother came to PASS and my birth mother gave me life and placed me for adoption, I was raised in a wonderful home and now I volunteer as an advocate at PASS.”  Julianna

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